Our Mission

At CrowdStreet we believe that markets are stronger when they are accessible, transparent, and efficient.


We also believe the economy is strengthened when real estate developers and operators are less dependent upon traditional capital markets to fund projects, have greater access to capital and spread investment opportunities and risk across a larger pool of investors.

We founded CrowdStreet to democratize access to investing in commercial real estate and to provide our investor community with a way to diversify their investment portfolios. With direct access to a range of vetted, institutional-quality CRE opportunities, CrowdStreet gives investors the ability to diversify their portfolio with the 3rd-largest asset class in our country.

Watch a video featuring co-founders Tore C. Steen and Darren Powderly to learn more about CrowdStreet.

CrowdStreet Now

CrowdStreet is the premium provider of online commercial real estate investment offerings, technology and services in the country. Our innovative platform is giving more than 112,000 investors direct access to a broad range of institutional quality assets to diversify their portfolios. And more than 260 large commercial real estate developers and operators are using CrowdStreet technology to raise capital online and better manage investors and their investments, lowering their cost of capital and improving efficiencies. Together, we are creating a community where the best individual investors and development firms are working together to maximize wealth through commercial real estate.

Headquartered in Portland OR, with offices across the United States, CrowdStreet was founded in 2014 by a team with more than 120 years of combined experience in commercial real estate, software development, online marketing and private equity.

Meet Our Executive Team

The CrowdStreet team has 120+ years of combined experience in real estate, software development, online marketing and private equity.

Meet Our Board of Directors
Lawson Devries
Meet Our Board of Advisors

We’re proud to be gold-certified by the Portland Sustainability at Work program.