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Why CrowdStreet?

Named Best Overall Real Estate Crowdfunding Site by Investopedia for 2021 and 2022, CrowdStreet is the nation’s largest online private equity real estate investing platform*. Register today to get direct access to some of the most sought-after, institutional-quality real estate investment opportunities across the U.S.

Create your account today to easily review, compare, and choose the individual deals that meet your investment criteria. You can also invest in one of our thematic managed funds or work with our team of investment professionals, leveraging our advisory services to help you build a customized real estate portfolio. 

As of April 12, 2022 , tens of thousands of investors have diversified their portfolios outside of stocks and bonds with private equity real estate using CrowdStreet.  With $3.16 billion invested across 629 deals, our investor community has earned more than $591 million in distributions. 

Easily Invest in a Portfolio of Private Real Estate


Designed for growth-oriented investors, the CrowdStreet REIT I, Inc. (C-REIT) provides access to a portfolio of multiple private commercial real estate projects. Built of some of CrowdStreet's most sought-after deals, C-REIT investors get direct access to 20-25 institutional-quality real estate projects selected from a broad range of sponsors, sectors, and geographies. Plus, the simple 1099 tax reporting structure helps make tax season easier. With a lower investment minimum and expenses than traditional private funds, C-REIT combines the accessibility of public REITs with the unique benefits of private real estate funds.


C-REIT Disclosure

CrowdStreet Marketplace Performance

Since launching in 2014, the CrowdStreet Marketplace has closed 629 commercial real estate investment offerings. As of April 12, 2022 , 105 of those offerings have been fully realized.

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Total number of deals launched on the CrowdStreet Marketplace


Capital Raised

Total funds invested through the CrowdStreet Marketplace


Investor Distributions

Total funds returned to CrowdStreet Marketplace investors to date


Total Capitalization

Total amount of debt and equity funding for all projects on the CrowdStreet Marketplace

Marketplace Performance Disclosure

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A fast, simple, and easy way to diversify your commercial real estate portfolio with just one investment.



You’re in control. Invest directly in individual commercial real estate deals on the Marketplace.



Leverage the power of the CrowdStreet platform to get an investment strategy tailored to your individual financial objectives.

Current Investment Opportunities

Compare and review commercial real estate projects to find the right direct investment opportunity for you. View a deal’s financial documents, register for a live webinar with the sponsor behind the deal, submit your investment offers, and more–all online.

How Do Deals Get on the CrowdStreet Marketplace?


How does inflation impact commercial real estate

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What real estate asset class can provide the strongest hedge against inflation?

In this excerpt from the latest whitepaper from our Office of the CIO, we talk about which real estate asset class can provide the strongest hedge against inflation.

Three reasons real estate investments can be less volatile than the stock market

Volatility is something every investor will face, but real estate investments can help protect your overall portfolio from volatility’s effects.
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