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CrowdStreet provides investors with the resources they need to become better informed, empowered real estate investors. Since our founding, the CrowdStreet team has listed over 197 deals from 344 different sponsors, raising over $4.3 billion in investment capital.*

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*Based on internal CrowdStreet data as of 07.09.2024
Confirm Your Accreditation

Only accredited investors can invest in deals available on the Marketplace. Accreditation requirements are outlined by SEC.

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Create an Investing Account

You’ll need an Investing Account to submit an offer. We recommend you set up an account before you submit your first offer by following the simple process linked below.

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Watch Orientation

Designed for the newest members of our investor community, this brief video outlines what we think you need to know to start building your real estate portfolio.

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Find a Deal and Make Your First Offer

You’re now ready to find a deal that aligns with your investing goals. Review project details, perform due diligence, and make your first offer.

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Learn about the Marketplace
Learn about the Marketplace
How does CrowdStreet review deals?

Every deal on the CrowdStreet Marketplace undergoes our objective investment screening process. Rigor and transparency are at the core of our review process. CrowdStreet Capital’s FINRA-licensed, experienced team of real estate professionals conducts extensive screening for both sponsors and investment opportunities before listing them on the CrowdStreet Marketplace.

What kind of deals are on the Marketplace?

CrowdStreet's Marketplace offers a variety of deals across property types, from multifamily to self-storage to industrial. Each deal has its own unique potential and risks based on the individual business plan. Read about our outlook for each property type on the Marketplace in our CRE Market Outlook.

What information is provided about deals?

To help you make informed decisions, we provide in-depth information and insights for each deal, including sponsor presentations and webinars, key deal assumptions and risks, details on the business plan and financials, return structures, and much more.

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Compare Your Investment Options

Investing in commercial real estate can be a part of building a healthy portfolio. But there isn’t a one-size-fits-all way to invest. CrowdStreet makes it easy to find the approach that’s right for you.
Prefer to invest through your financial advisor?
CrowdStreet Advisors works with financial advisors too. Have your advisor contact us to learn more.
Commercial Real Estate 101

Explore these commercial real estate investing terms to get started. 

What is a Cash-on-Cash Return?

Sometimes also referred to as the cash yield, cash-on-cash return calculates the cash income earned on the cash invested in a property.

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What is IRR?

This annualized return metric spreads cash flows and equity returns over the course of the entire holding period.

Learn more

What is the Real Estate Capital Stack?

The capital stack identifies the various funding sources that contribute to financing the acquisition and/or enhancement of a real estate project.

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