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Why commercial real estate needs to be part of your portfolio

Go beyond stocks and bonds. Real estate is a valuable part of any well-diversified investment strategy and commercial real estate (CRE) offers unique value to investors.


Earn Returns

There are two ways to get paid: ongoing cash distributions and/or a share of the property’s final sale price. CrowdStreet investors have earned hundreds of millions in distributions as of October 2022 .


Invest Like the Experts

Some of the world’s most established institutions have invested trillions of dollars into real estate. Expand your portfolio and use real estate to hedge against inflation and diversify away from stock and bonds.


Stay Hands Off

When you invest in commercial real estate properties, you don’t actively manage the property—you’re a passive investor, not the landlord.

"Real estate is an accessible, reliable way to create passive income and be prepared for unexpected changes in the economy."

Karlin Conklin
Principal & Executive Vice President

Investors Management Group, in Kiplinger

CrowdStreet is a leading CRE investing platform

Thousands of investors use CrowdStreet to invest in commercial real estate. Our online platform makes it easy for you to compare and review deals, find the right projects for your portfolio, and track the performance of your investments. Learn more about our commitment to investors.



Guided by our Investment Thesis, CrowdStreet powers one of the largest and most diverse online commercial real estate investing marketplaces. To date, we’ve launched more than 709 projects—both individual deals and funds—across every asset class and risk profile.


Rigorous Review Process

Each and every CrowdStreet Marketplace deal undergoes our extensive deal review process. Led by our Investments team, we strive to bring only institutional-quality deals to the Marketplace. We make much of that information publicly available to investors.


Track Record of Success

Since launching in 2014, the CrowdStreet Marketplace has published over 709 commercial real estate investment offerings. To date, 153 of those offerings have been fully realized.

"Until CrowdStreet, I didn’t have access to these types of deals, this deal flow, and the size. I am not a large corporation. I don’t have the resources of Wall Street. So I wasn’t given the opportunity to invest. CrowdStreet offered me access in a way that just didn’t exist before.”

Jim M.

Repeat CrowdStreet Marketplace Investor

Invest your way with CrowdStreet

Whether you’re a seasoned real estate expert or completely new to commercial real estate investing, we make it easy to find the approach that’s right for you. Compare your options.


Funds & Vehicles

A fast, simple, and easy way to diversify your commercial real estate portfolio with just one investment.


Individual Deals

You're in control. Invest directly in individual commercial real estate deals on the Marketplace.


Tailored Portfolios

Leverage the power of the CrowdStreet platform to get an investment strategy tailored to your individual financial objectives.

Where are the best place to invest in commercial real estate in 2022?

As we head into the new year, data suggests that we are in the early phase of a rapidly expanding growth cycle, but what does that mean for your investing strategy? In our 2022 Best Places to Invest report, we highlight the markets that are leading the way nationwide, as well as in which cities we see opportunity for specific asset classes–multifamily, industrial, life sciences, and more.

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