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CrowdStreet Releases Updated Investment Thesis

CrowdStreet sees opportunity in preferred equity and debt investing offerings, narrows focus on principal protection

by CrowdStreet

AUSTIN, Texas, September 27, 2023CrowdStreet, Inc. ("CrowdStreet"), an award-winning online real estate investing platform, today released its updated Investment Thesis.  

The Thesis outlines CrowdStreet’s investment strategy and philosophy amid a commercial real estate (“CRE”) investing landscape defined by interest rates that have risen rapidly. In accordance with the Federal Reserve’s “higher for longer2 rate environment outlook, CrowdStreet will seek deals that: 

  • Prioritize principal protection
  • Capture current lending opportunities associated with high interest rates
  • Offer preferred equity positions rather than common equity, where prudent
  • Sustainably service their debt 
  • Place a higher value on what’s present in a deal today given today’s market conditions, over what may be possible down the road
  • Have appropriate discounts relative to peak market values 
  • Aim to exceed the risk-free treasury rate for common equity positions

“Due to the high degree of market uncertainty in the next twelve months, we plan to take a more conservative approach on short-term assumptions,” said CrowdStreet Chief Investment Officer Ian Formigle. “I continue to believe we are in a period of mispriced opportunities, but market volatility has called for added scrutiny.”

The Thesis outlines the general structure for opportunities that CrowdStreet will seek, including:

  • Debt Investing: In an environment where non-bank lenders are on the rise, seeking debt opportunities aligns with CrowdStreet’s focus on capital preservation.

  • Preferred Equity Investing: Seeking to add possible downside protection for certain deals by opting into preferred equity tranches.

  • Common Equity Investing: Despite the headwinds, there are select opportunities in which projects may be appropriately discounted from their peak prices.

“By employing creative measures and pursuing investment opportunities across the real estate capital stack, CrowdStreet will provide investors with access to deals that we believe align with the current economic conditions,” Formigle said. “In addition to the longstanding relationships with high-quality sponsors that have long been a hallmark of investing with CrowdStreet, we intend to bring deals with risk profiles appropriate for today’s market.”

“We expect to see additional attractive investment opportunities emerge in the months ahead,” said CrowdStreet interim CEO Jack Chandler. “As markets begin to clear and the Fed’s rate hike campaign subsides, we expect sponsors will re-enter the market with vigor and deal volume is likely to rise.”

To review the full Thesis, please visit:

 1 As reported by Dr. Adam Gower in Best Real Estate Syndication Platforms | Gower Crowd – UNLEASHED, published 2022, based on dollars raised by individual investors

2 “Fed Officials Reiterate “Higher for Longer” Mantra.” Investopedia, Accessed 26 Sept. 2023.


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