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A new way to raise capital

Real estate sponsors have historically relied on a patchwork of offline funding sources, including friends and family, broker-dealers, and institutional capital to finance their projects. But with CrowdStreet you can publish and promote your project, gain access to a deep-network of accredited investors, raise capital, and manage those investors for the life of your project–all on one unified real estate crowdfunding platform.

"The speed in which CrowdStreet’s investors committed to the funding target was pretty amazing, as we hit the goal of over $25 million in offers in just a few hours. It certainly feels like crowdfunding has matured to the point where it needs to be treated as a serious channel of investment."

James R. Heistand


Parkway Acquisitions

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Top Deals

"I’ve been in real estate for 20 years, and I specifically remember that day…feeling like this is an enormous game-changing moment, both for our company and for real estate in general, that we had cracked the code for what had been a slow and inefficient process."

Sean Lyons, Founding Partner
Jackson Dearborn Partners

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"There was no feasible way we could have scaled our investor base 10x in 12 months if it hadn’t been for a platform like CrowdStreet."

Tom Carroll, Managing Partner
Watermark Partners Real Estate

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