CrowdStreet’s Darren Powderly is joined by Dr. Peter Linneman, Professor Emeritus at the Wharton School of Business, Principal of Linneman Associates, and world-renowned real estate industry economist, to discuss how today’s recession is unlike even The Great Depression, where there might be opportunities for real estate investors, and why you shouldn’t bet against the U.S. economy in the long-run.

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Ken Goetsch |

Professor Linneman basically re-iterated what Buffet said, but I think those comments are pablum. The claim that betting against the US economy is not a good idea doesn’t tell us much.

I think for Crowdstreet, what I want to understand is what the multifamily and commercial real estate market will need to endure in order to survive. I worry that deals being put together now are based on assumptions of a “V” recovery and I don’t see a recovery happening that fast. If rents stop being paid over the next year by millions of people who simply cannot afford their apartment or their office space rent, it would seem many deals being put together now on Crowdstreet are super risky.

I’m not expecting a road-map or timeline of when to invest, but I would find it valuable to understand the real-world data on rental payments in key real estate categories by geography.



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