CrowdStreet Launches Advisory Service to Bring New Level of Access to Commercial Real Estate Investing

PORTLAND, December 18, 2018 — CrowdStreet, which operates an online marketplace for direct equity investment in U.S. commercial real estate (CRE), today

PORTLAND, December 18, 2018 CrowdStreet, which operates an online marketplace for direct equity investment in U.S. commercial real estate (CRE), today launches Private Managed Accounts (PMA) offered through its new entity CrowdStreet Advisors. The new offering serves high net worth individuals providing individualized CRE portfolios, and a concierge-level premium service that will develop a personalized investment plan after reviewing their existing holdings, then complete all of the paperwork, track multiple positions, and consider future marketplace offerings for investment suitability.

“Typical public markets offerings like stocks and bonds are no longer enough to gain financial security in today’s economy,” said Tore Steen, CEO of CrowdStreet. “Since the JOBS Act of 2012, people have been able to invest directly in private markets, including CRE,  using online platforms offering unprecedented access to deals — but too many people have neither the time nor the expertise to take advantage. By broadening our product range with Private Managed Accounts, we are now able to provide access to private CRE investing to even more investors, while simultaneously making investing in CRE even easier.”

In the midst of stock market volatility, well-constructed CRE exposure plays a significant role in professionally managed, institutional portfolios seeking high returns, but building such a portfolio requires both access to deal flow and deep expertise. Now more individuals can have access to both. With PMA, Crowdstreet Advisors delivers its CRE expertise with the level of personalized service these investors require.

The launch of Private Managed Accounts is the latest from CrowdStreet, which serves accredited investors at all levels through its easy to use the marketplace, with the following solutions:

  • Self-Serve With only $25k, investors can directly invest in institutional-quality, expertly reviewed, CRE projects across the U.S.
  • Blended Portfolio One-click investing in a diversified portfolio that will be deployed across 30-50 offerings on the CrowdStreet marketplace, representing a broad range of asset types, risk profiles, and geographies.
  • Private Managed Accounts Experts will build a CRE investment plan based on your personal investment goals and build a portfolio on your behalf – letting you go about your daily life while your money is put to work.

As CrowdStreet’s investor base and pool of managed capital grows, so too does their ability to rapidly fund sponsors’ offerings. The new addition of PMA to CrowdStreet’s suite of solutions allows CrowdStreet to provide an increased degree of certainty of capital to sponsors considering posting on the CrowdStreet marketplace.

“Our focus has been to democratize private commercial real estate investing with solutions that have never been readily available to individual investors in the past,” said Steen. “With the launch of Private Managed Accounts, we can now serve practically any accredited investor with the investment approach they prefer. We are excited to deliver this fully-managed premium level of service to investors who are seeking exposure to the commercial real estate space but don’t have the time or expertise to build a portfolio themselves.”

Learn more about the Private Managed Account offering on CrowdStreet’s website here.

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CrowdStreet is an award-winning premium provider of online commercial real estate investment marketplace, technology, and professional services. Investors can directly access institutional-quality commercial real estate offerings with CrowdStreet’s online investing platform. For CRE developers and operators, CrowdStreet Connect provides a platform to manage investors and investments, and to raise capital to grow their businesses. CrowdStreet maximizes opportunities for investors by diversifying outside of the traditional avenues of the stock market, better distributing risk and fundamentally transforming real estate investing through technology.  CrowdStreet is creating a community where individual investors and CRE firms are working together to maximize wealth through commercial real estate. The CrowdStreet senior leadership team has 120+ years of combined experience in real estate, technology, online marketing, and private equity. For more information, please visit


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