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A custom-built portfolio.

Private Managed Accounts provide a diversified, personal investing experience.

The Private Managed Account service personalizes the commercial real estate investing experience. Private Managed Account services are provided by CrowdStreet Advisors, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CrowdStreet, Inc.

We’ll build you a customized investment strategy based on your long-term financial goals and invest in properties on the CrowdStreet Marketplace on your behalf. Once you review and agree to the strategy, we’ll handle the rest. Your Portfolio Manager will handle the day-to-day of your real estate portfolio management and schedule regular check-ins to discuss your portfolio’s performance and ongoing strategy.

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Why Work With Our Advisors?

Get a custom investing strategy

Your Portfolio Manager will build a commercial real estate portfolio that’s based on your needs and designed to fit holistically with your other investments.

Receive dedicated support

Have a dedicated service team with a Client Relationship Manager as your primary point of contact and a designated Portfolio Manager.

Ongoing investment management

We’ll build an individualized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) for you that guides all investing decisions we make.

Meet the CrowdStreet Advisory Services team

With over 60 years of combined private-equity real estate expertise, we’re committed to providing ongoing support and customized commercial real estate recommendations designed to meet your individual investment goals. 

Download our free PDF to learn more about how a custom-built account can work for you.

Minimum Balance
Minimum starting account balance is $250K
Account Fees
Fees vary depending on size of investment

How Does Managed Investing Work?


Talk to an advisor

Schedule a call with our Managing Director to dig into the details. We'll answer your questions, as well as discuss your investment goals, attitude toward risk, time horizon, current financial state and more.


Get your strategy

We’ll share an interactive questionnaire to capture your financial goals. Once we've reviewed your results together, we'll start identifying deals to be part of your diversified portfolio.


Stay up-to-date

Your team identifies, invests, and manages your commercial real estate portfolio from start to finish. We will routinely review your portfolio with you throughout this process and provide advanced reporting.

Let CrowdStreet Advisors design your investment strategy.

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