Unlearn the Old Rules of CRE Investing

Direct investment in commercial real estate (CRE) used to be only available the ultra-rich or extremely well connected. Absent those direct connections, unless you wanted to become a rental property owner, your only investment option was to put your money in a REIT, essentially buying shares in a real estate company and their property portfolio writ large.

Crowdfunding changed all that.

With these new platforms, direct investment in CRE opportunities has become more accessible, transparent and efficient for investors. With direct investing, you are empowered by choice and remain in control. Pick the deals you want, based on your criteria, anywhere in the U.S. But even as modern technology has democratized direct CRE investing, there are decades of obsolete “rules” to unlearn. Are these old rules keeping you from taking full advantage of the opportunities direct investing provides?

See what six of the most pervasive myths of CRE investing are and why they no longer hold true.

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