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Easily diversify with a real estate investment fund managed by CrowdStreet.

CrowdStreet’s family of funds and investment vehicles make it quick and easy to get broad diversification into commercial real estate.

With a single investment, you get a stake in multiple properties across diverse geographies, sizes, property types, and sponsors–all backed by an expert team of investment professionals and world-class service. Let us show you how easy commercial real estate investing can be.

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Why invest in a real estate fund?

Get easy diversification

Diversify across property types, risk profiles, sponsors and geographies with the same minimum investment typically required for an individual deal.

Benefit from professional expertise

Our funds and vehicles are managed by in-house experts with deep, sector-specific insights. Included deals are selected from our Marketplace by our proprietary algorithm.

Straight-forward to track and manage

We provide investors with streamlined reporting, regular updates, key documentation, and tax information so it’s easy to track your performance.

Easily invest into a CrowdStreet fund or portfolio vehicle

Get a cross-section of the Marketplace with one of our real estate investment funds and vehicles. Our investing philosophy guides us as we create solutions to provide investors with the easiest and simplest investing experience possible. Let our team handle the fund creation and management.

Learn how to invest in our funds and vehicles.


Browse portfolios

Review our active funds and portfolio vehicles on the CrowdStreet Marketplace and find one that matches your investment objectives.


Submit your offer

Once you find a fund or vehicle you like, choose your investment amount and safely and securely submit your investment offer online. Digitally sign and submit the investment documents.


Monitor your investment

Track your investment online and get regular performance reports from CrowdStreet, important tax documentation, and more.

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