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CrowdStreet’s funds make it quick and easy to invest in a basket of commercial real estate deals that can help you achieve your financial goals. With a single investment, you get a stake in multiple properties to achieve a commercial real estate portfolio targeted to your interests and the best that the current market has to offer.

Our funds are constructed by an expert team of investment professionals using our proprietary technology and are backed by world-class service from our in-house Investor Relations team.

CrowdStreet is constantly evaluating investment opportunities and designing new funds to help investors meet their objectives.

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By investing in a CrowdStreet fund, you’re guaranteed an allocation to deals that are identified for inclusion in that fund, even when they are some of the most sought-after deals on the Marketplace

Data-driven quality

Our funds and vehicles are managed by in-house experts with deep, sector-specific insights using our proprietary technology and data to guide investment decisions.

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Tracking multiple investments is time-consuming. We provide investors with streamlined reporting, regular updates, key documentation, and tax information so it’s easy to track your performance.

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