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Diversify your portfolio with institutional-quality, expertly reviewed, Commercial Real Estate investments previously out of reach to the individual investor.

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CrowdStreet Realized Investments

Investment Return


Targeted Returns


South Seattle Business Park

Sponsor: SmartCap Group


Investors earned a 46.3% IRR and a 2.29x equity multiple with a holding period of just over 2 years.

Investment Return


Targeted Returns


Property: Bloomington

Sponsor: Mainstreet


Cash flows in line with pro forma. IRR slightly higher than pro forma due to shorter than expected hold period (20 months versus 24 months).

Investment Return


Targeted Returns


Property:1924 Franklin

Sponsor:Urban Green


Targeted holding period and IRR in line with pro forma.

Investment Return


Targeted Returns


Property: Timber Oaks

Sponsor: Windmill Investments


19.9% IRR and 1.6 equity multiple on a 2.8 year holding period.

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CrowdStreet’s investor community has invested over $670 million across more than 338 offerings with a total real estate value of $12 billion.*

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Diversify Your Portfolio

Commercial real estate (CRE) has historically outperformed stocks and bonds, while providing portfolio diversity to meet your investment goals.

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Three Ways to Invest

Direct Investing

Invest directly in individual institutional-quality commercial real estate offerings across the US – invest in deals that meet your criteria.


Portfolio Investing

Invest in 30-50 highly vetted commercial real estate offerings with a single contribution – unparalleled diversification across multiple offerings.


Managed Investing

Fully-managed service that directly invests on your behalf in CRE offerings from the CrowdStreet Marketplace based on individual investment objectives.


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