As part of our first look at the CrowdStreet 2021 Investment Thesis, Chief Investment Officer Ian Formigle and Director of Investments Anna-Marie Allander Lieb shared their outlook on multifamily and where we see opportunities for investors.

Despite early concerns that COVID-related unemployment would hit multifamily assets hard, the sector has proven extremely resilient. As light appears at the end of the pandemic tunnel, it’s looking increasingly unlikely that the asset class will go into a state of distress.

Ian and Anna-Marie also discussed the future of multifamily, including:

  • Which markets had rising rents in 2020, including cities like Phoenix and Nashville and the “hidden gems” of the Mountain Region;
  • How a drop in interest rates kept multifamily property prices rock-steady; and
  • What niche multifamily strategies we’re looking to debut or expand on the Marketplace.

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