Learn from the best, join a Q&A with RREAF, one of CrowdStreet’s most successful Sponsors, as we cover lessons learned in online syndication.

As online fundraising for commercial real estate has matured, select firms have been trailblazers, and as a result, are seeing great success in raising capital, managing investors and improving their bottom line with online syndication.  In this webinar, CrowdStreet VP of Investments, Ian Formigle, will be joined by RREAF Holdings President & CEO, Kip Sowden, and COO, Doug McKnight. RREAF has developed a reputation as a top tier Sponsor and has syndicated 6 offerings on the CrowdStreet marketplace raising over $20MM.  RREAF also leverages CrowdStreet’s investment software to manage their own investors.

This webinar will cover actionable key learnings, trends in online investing, how to meet the evolving needs of today’s investor community, and why crowdfunding is an important component of the capital stack today.  You won’t want to miss this webinar!

Key takeaways:

  • Current online fundraising trends
  • How to successfully syndicate online
  • How to delight the modern online investor
  • Key lessons learned