Clearing up some confusion

Historically real estate firms have focused on Investor Management and have used Investor Relationship Management (IRM) software to communicate with and manage their existing investors. Born from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, these tools have focused primarily on managing your current investor base but failed to solve four of the biggest pain points CRE investment firms face today:

CRE Investment Lifecycle

1) Engaging your investor base

2) Promoting and transacting offers online

3) Managing all investments, distributions and capital transactions in a single platform.

4) Converting new investors to repeat investors through reinvestment.


Investment Management Software solves these issues by combining an IRM tool with powerful online investor engagement and marketing solutions, online offer promotion and transaction automation, and powerful investment management tools. This allows firms to manage an investor base through the entire lifecycle of an investment – creating more value per investor. The combination of these features creates a complete solution built to solve the modern challenges real estate investment firms face.

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What is Sponsor Direct?

Sponsor Direct combines over 100 years of experience in commercial real estate investment, with the expertise gained from building and managing the #1 direct to investor CRE marketplace.

Building off this industry experience, 2 years was spent co-developing our product in partnership with leading CRE firms, the resulting software is currently being used to manage over 50,000 investors with $3.5B in investment dollars.

Sponsor Direct is an Investor Acquisition & Relationship Management solution for online fundraising and modern investment management, that enables your firm to scale more quickly and efficiently.  To learn more about Sponsor Direct, click here.