If you’ve been in the commercial real estate investing market for any length of time, you’ve likely become inundated with news about emerging technology solutions that serve various aspects of the industry. And with good reason.

The world of hosted software, mobile apps, and other convenient, full-service web-based solutions is changing the way just about everyone does business. In terms of investor relations, it’s also inspired a solution that reaches beyond the limited functionality of traditional Investment Management Software (IRM).

Your All-in-One Solution

Investment Management (IM) Software is a new class of software that takes the concept of Investor Management to new heights. IM Software aims to solve the core pain points for CRE investment firms. Now, marketing offerings to your existing investor base, automating transactions, managing current investor relationships, attracting new ones, and reaching out for reinvestment can all be handled inside one technology platform.

Which Features are Critical?

CrowdStreet has created “Investment Management Software: A Buyer’s Guide” to summarize the essential features to look for in an all-inclusive solution. You’ll gain more insight into these must-have capabilities:

  • Online investor engagement and marketing tools
  • Ability to promote your offerings within the platform
  • Automation of transactions
  • CRM built for the commercial real estate industry
  • Security and reliability

What Can You Gain?

Just a few of the rewards your firm can reap from a true IM Software solution:

  • Access to more capital, with a lower acquisition cost
  • Quicker offer-to-close timeline
  • Turnkey investor acquisition
  • Freed time and resources via automation
  • Greater customer satisfaction

The Time is Now

Don’t let the potential of IM Software pass you by. Technology advances within–and outside of–the industry raise the bar on customer expectations. If you can’t provide your funders with on-demand access to information about their investments, you could find yourself falling short of your capital acquisition goals.

Many CRE firms still cling to existing systems of Investor Management Software because they “work”… right down to the good old Excel spreadsheet method. However, competitors for your investment dollars are likely already leveraging technology to serve investors better, do more deals, establish long-lasting investor relationships, and reap more profits.

Either way, can your firm afford to wait? Download the guide today to find your ideal Investment Management Software solution.