In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Business models in the real estate crowdfunding space
  • Types of real estate crowdfunding sites
  • How Crowdstreet works
  • The basics of investing on a platform
  • How the real estate industry is changing
  • What you should know as a sponsor seeking capital
  • The details of Crowdstreet’s first successful deal that returned 14% to investors
  • Ways to get involved in the real estate funding boom
  • Forecasts for where the industry is going

Oh boy, if you haven’t been watching the growth of the real estate crowdfunding industry, make it a priority!

This sector is booming, and I have a strong feeling that this is only the beginning.

You know that my mission is to bring you the best information out there on crowdfunding. I had an in-depth discussion with Darren, the cofounder of CrowdStreet, about crowdfunding and the different platforms out there.

Darren is extremely knowledgeable on the topic of real estate crowdfunding and how the landscape is changing.

In this podcast episode, we’re going to demystify real estate crowdfunding and reveal how you can get started investing or raising capital in this new industry.