“Marketing for CRE Firms” is a four-part series from CrowdStreet’s CMO Molly Moore. In the series, Moore dives into the strategies CRE Sponsors can use to build brand credibility and drive demand for their commercial real estate offerings.

Driving new investor leads by way of digital and online sources is a new undertaking for the majority of those working in the world of commercial real estate (CRE). In an industry that has traditionally relied on face-to-face relationships that were established over time, moving into a business climate that sees investors making instant investment decisions—without ever having an interaction with you or someone from your team—can feel daunting.

How can your company offer investors confidence in your offerings? What can you do online to ensure that your brand is hitting high marks in those areas related to perceived credibility? What factors are today’s HNWI investors looking for when they go about choosing which CRE projects to invest in?

Growing Relationships with CRM Tools

Beyond presenting a modern, cohesive, mobile-friendly web experience for your website visitors, today’s HNWI investors are really looking beyond the surface to uncover whether a CRE Sponsor is able to offer both the education and the technology to meet their needs.

This new wave of HNWI investors are comfortable with crowdfunding investment platforms and are ready to invest. They just need to be sure that the Sponsor they choose to invest with is reliable, capable, trustworthy, and communicative.

Since these investors only know you and your company from an online connection, they’ll be looking for digital and real-life touchpoints to help them feel comfortable and established in a new business relationship with your company.

Whether it’s receiving regular email communications about projects they’ve invested in, hearing your company news directly from you, or reading one of your blog posts, having a powerful investment management platform to execute these kinds of investor relationship-building tactics is vital.

But let’s take a step back because before you have the ability to email new investors, you need a way to attract new investors to your offerings in the first place.

Driving New Investor Leads with Content Marketing

From digital ads and customized landing pages to informational collateral such as investor prospectus sheets and ebooks, you need content that will help attract new investors to your website and keep them interested enough to understand the value that you and your CRE offerings bring to the table.

In fact, the Content Marketing Institute reports that “content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less.”

Marketing Strategies Specifically for CRE Firms

Once you’ve secured those new investor leads, at the very least, your team will want to nurture those relationships with regular communication by way of emails and newsletters, for example. Beyond these types of communications, your firm will also need to develop a content marketing strategy to meet the needs of new investors at every stage of the relationship-building cycle.

So what content strategies work specifically for CRE firms? The exact strategies that will be most beneficial to your CRE company depend on many factors:

  • the types of CRE offerings you develop
  • your team’s track record
  • the willingness of your past investors to make public remarks (or offer public praise) on your behalf
  • your team’s availability and willingness to provide industry knowledge by way of posting videos or writing blog posts

Content marketing can take the form of blog posts, testimonials, video tutorials, data sheets, investor prospectus, ebooks, podcasts, and on and on. There really is no limit to the types of content that can be created on behalf of your company. The challenge many CRE firms come up against is in creating a focused content marketing plan that aligns with their specific revenue goals.  At CrowdStreet, we take content marketing seriously and invest resources for both our investor and Sponsor customers in order to better educate them.

CrowdStreet Partner Marketing Program

To assist our Sponsors in developing a sound content marketing program, CrowdStreet developed a Partner Marketing Program to ensure that all of our partners have access to the marketing resources necessary to attract new investors with digital advertising, compelling content and a polished company and brand image.

The CrowdStreet Partner Marketing Program was developed in tandem with PMG, a content marketing and demand generation agency, to enable the success of our valued partners. The program offers CRE Sponsors the marketing support needed to reach new investors online through a variety of marketing packages designed to help you build your company’s brand and drive increased demand for your investment opportunities.

With 15+ years of experience, PMG knows what it takes to attract investors. From creating a trustworthy brand image to developing and maintaining consistent communications, this program has your digital marketing needs covered.

Learn more about the CrowdStreet Partner Marketing Program.