The 2017-2018 CrowdStreet Investor Survey revealed that 81% of commercial real estate investors are most concerned with the perceived quality of an investment offering. While it’s quite obvious that a Sponsor’s track record with CRE and the overall financial outlook of a particular investment are key in attracting new investors, what is often less understood is the importance of supporting those efforts with strong digital marketing efforts.

The Importance of Digital Marketing in CRE

Whether it’s projecting a polished and cohesive company image through your website and business collateral or attracting new investors to your investments by way of online advertising and social media, digital marketing is absolutely essential in today’s age of commercial real estate investing.

To assist Sponsors in meeting this investor expectation, CrowdStreet developed a Partner Marketing Program to ensure that all Sponsors have access to the online marketing resources necessary to attract new investors with digital advertising, compelling content and a polished company and brand image.

CrowdStreet Partner Marketing Program

The CrowdStreet Partner Marketing Program was developed in tandem with PMG, a content marketing and demand generation agency, to enable the success of our valued partners. The program offers CRE Sponsors the marketing support needed to reach new investors online through a variety of marketing packages designed to help you build your company’s brand and drive increased demand for your investment opportunities.

With 15+ years of experience, PMG knows what it takes to attract investors. From creating a trustworthy brand image to developing and maintaining consistent communications, this program has your digital marketing needs covered. Stay tuned for a 4-part series breaking down the most critical components of your online marketing strategy.

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