“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.”
― William Penn

Consider your own use of time. What do you do best? What work yields the highest results for your efforts? We’ll go out on a limb here and make two assumptions:

  1. You close commercial real estate deals and you’re great at it. It is by far the best use of your time when looking at returns.
  2. The management of investors and overall project communication that is absolutely necessary for success is an incredible burden to bear day after day. Your time is not best spent on administrative duties.

If you find yourself tracking with us and nodding your head in agreement, we are right there with you. It is all too easy to get swept into the minutiae of business which can result in the loss of productivity of your time. This is precisely why many esteemed CRE firms find such value in the CrowdStreet platform—because indeed, time is money.

Spend Less Time Managing Investors

What would you be able to accomplish if, in a matter of days, your time spent managing investors dropped to a mere fraction of what it is today? This is what CrowdStreet customer, Joe Ollis, COO & Co-Founder of SMARTCAP experienced, “With CrowdStreet I went from spending 25% of my time managing investors to 1%.” The company was previously inundated with requests for K1 forms, details of investors’ distribution status, and other information. The natural result was far too much precious time is wasted sifting through Excel sheets and folders.

“When I saw how easy it was to upload K1s, I was sold. The time saved on that feature alone has paid for our entire investment.” said Ollis. “Now, if I get a call or email from an investor, I go right to CrowdStreet. I can see every detail at a glance. I didn’t expect this tool to become such an indispensable part of my business.”

Comprehensive Sponsor & Investor Support

CrowdStreet supports Sponsors at multiple levels, with dedicated experts across three teams: Investments, Investor Relations, and Marketing. These specialists absorb some of the common challenges of the business, like deal structuring and onboarding, support for investors, marketing programs for Sponsor offerings and more. All of this support helps streamline your business process and reduce CRE capital costs.

“During the fundraising process, the flow, from initial offering to close is user-friendly,” BRES Investor Relations Coordinator, Erin Eytcheson said. “It makes life easy for both sides: for the investors and for us. It’s also helpful to have automated features alongside the ability to communicate with investors inside the platform.”

Explore how CrowdStreet can help your firm lower fundraising costs, take a moment to review our new infographic

The Bottom-Line on Skylines: Lowering Your Cost of CRE Capital.