We’re excited to announce that Jack Chandler, founder of Majesteka Investments Holdings, has joined CrowdStreet as a voting member of our Investment Committee for CrowdStreet Funds and a member of our Board of Advisors. Jack has extensive experience in real estate investing and capital raising and was at the forefront of alternative capital raising and online investing platforms, which has helped make it possible to democratize access to commercial real estate. 

In 2017, Jack founded Majesteka Investments Holdings, a private firm providing integrated strategic leadership and capital for emerging disruptive companies at the intersection of real estate, asset management, and technology. Prior to Majesteka, Chandler served as Managing Director and Global Head and Chairman of Real Estate at BlackRock, the New York City-based global investment management corporation and the world’s largest asset manager, with $7.4 trillion in assets. Chandler’s extensive global real estate investment management experience also comes from a 25-year career with LaSalle Investment Management as the Global Chief Investment Officer and Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chairman for Asia Pacific. Chandler has had a number of roles with The Urban Land Institute (ULI) including Global Board of Trustees Member and Treasurer, and Chairman of The Americas.

“Watching CrowdStreet grow rapidly over the past few years, I’ve been very impressed with the increasing quality and quantity of the deals on their Marketplace. As the company reaches a new inflection point, I see an opportunity to help accelerate the inevitable and increase the velocity of investors adding this critical asset class to their investment portfolios,” he said. Jack will work closely with our Chief Investment Officer, Ian Formigle, to help shape the future of our Investment Thesis and deal review process

“CrowdStreet is making the market, and I look forward to helping the company continue to build their underwriting and investment muscle.” In a recent interview with BusinessInsider, Jack mentioned, “For an accredited investor, wouldn’t it be great if you got the same kind of vetting and analytics as if you were CALPERS or some large pensions fund?”

“Simply put, investors should be both comforted and ecstatic that someone with Jack Chandler’s experience is now involved with CrowdStreet.  It should reassure them that his experience in delivering input into our investment thesis, which serves as guideposts for Marketplace deal selection, means an even higher caliber of investment opportunities,” said Ian Formigle. “It also validates that our approach is not only here to stay, but emerging as a preferred capital source for many sponsors, and that means better investment opportunities for investors.”

In an interview with GlobeSt., Jack pointed out that with interest rates where they are, CrowdStreet’s platform fills a void for investors. “We all know that society is aging,” he says. “People need stability and income in their portfolios. And with interest rates at zero, it’s really hard to get.”