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CrowdStreet's Evolution: What This Means for Investors

Dive into the pivotal changes at CrowdStreet including improved investor services, more efficient accreditation processes, and stricter funding safeguards.

by CrowdStreet

What CrowdStreet’s Evolution Means for You

All offerings on the CrowdStreet Marketplace are now brokered by CrowdStreet Capital LLC (“CrowdStreet Capital”),  a registered broker dealer, Member FINRA/SIPC.  

CrowdStreet's transition to a broker-dealer model represents a significant enhancement of our services, delivering improved investor experiences, streamlined processes, and new products.

Here’s how your experience is improving:

Investor Service

Personalized Guidance: Leveraging their knowledge of financial markets and investment products, our licensed professionals now offer personalized guidance to help you make informed investment decisions tailored to your unique goals and objectives.

Efficient Accreditation: Our new in-house accreditation process saves you time and hassle, extending the verification's duration from three to 12 months, reducing re-verifications, and providing a more efficient experience.



Additional Insights: Each offering is presented with the enhanced insights to assist you as you make informed decisions, including business plan evaluations, key assumptions and potential risks, and the key decision points that influenced the approval of the investment for the CrowdStreet Marketplace.   

Expanded Offerings: We can now provide access to investment products from sponsors who distribute exclusively through broker dealers, potentially offering you more choice and opportunities.


Process Changes

New Regulations: As a FINRA regulated entity, we are now required to adhere to certain regulations specific to how broker-dealers can operate. 

Funding Safeguards: Our new escrow process adds oversight and control over the movement of funds. All self-directed deals are now funded through third-party escrow accounts, with the CrowdStreet Capital team determining whether to release funds to the sponsor based on strict criteria.

NOTICE: CrowdStreet, Inc. (“CrowdStreet”) offers investment opportunities and financial services on its website. CrowdStreet offers broker dealer services through CrowdStreet Capital LLC (“CrowdStreet Capital”),  a registered broker dealer, Member FINRA/SIPC. Information on all FINRA registered representatives can be found on FINRA’s BrokerCheck. Visit for our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and CrowdStreet Capital’s Form CRS.

Advisory services are offered through CrowdStreet Advisors, LLC (“CrowdStreet Advisors”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CrowdStreet and a federally registered investment adviser. CrowdStreet Advisors provides investment advisory services exclusively to privately managed accounts and private funds and does not otherwise provide investment advisory services to the CrowdStreet Marketplace.

Visit for a copy of CrowdStreet Advisors’ ADV and Form CRS.

This communication is for informational purposes only and should not be regarded as a recommendation, an offer to sell securities, or a solicitation of an offer to buy any investment products, financial products, or services. Investment opportunities available through CrowdStreet are speculative and involve substantial risk. You should not invest unless you can sustain the risk of loss of capital, including the risk of total loss of capital. All investors should consider their individual factors in consultation with a professional advisor of their choosing when deciding if an investment is appropriate. Private placements are illiquid investments, in that they cannot be easily sold or exchanged for cash, and are intended for investors who do not need a liquid investment.

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