ULI’s annual Emerging Trends report is one of the most highly regarded and widely read forecast reports in the real estate industry. We find it useful to look to this report not only to anticipate future-looking trends in commercial real estate investing, but also to look back from time to time to validate deal flow and ensure that the CrowdStreet marketplace is adequately meeting the demands of our investors.

One component of the Emerging Trends report is a list of “Markets to Watch”, as selected and ranked by interviewees and survey participants representing a wide range of industry experts, including investors, fund managers, and developers.

In an audit of CrowdStreet marketplace offerings to date, it is interesting to note that 92% of ULI’s Top 25 Markets to Watch in 2018 are represented, as detailed below.

We’re pleased to be able to demonstrate such a strong showing in key markets as identified by a consensus of industry experts.


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