Our Story

How We Started

Build a stronger market, everyone wins.

CrowdStreet was born from the economic crisis of the Great Recession. During that time, it became painfully apparent that too many people were overly reliant on Wall Street for their investment opportunities. Realizing the value of diversifying outside the traditional stock market, combined with the rise and possibilities afforded by the new concepts of equity crowdfunding, company founders Tore Steen and Darren Powderly saw the opportunity to create a new way to build wealth – by directly connecting individual investors with commercial real estate (CRE) investment firms seeking capital for their projects. Darren and Tore knew that if they could build an online CRE investing platform that matched “Main Street” investors with institutional-quality opportunities, they could help strengthen investment portfolios and upend a financial structure that was due for reinvention.

And so, CrowdStreet was launched in 2014. With the goal of combining CRE investment expertise with technology, CrowdStreet provides direct access to a range of vetted, institutional-quality CRE opportunities and all the online tools needed to manage those investments. CrowdStreet provides investors the ability to diversify their portfolio with the 3rd-largest asset class, and one known for its stability.


We have assembled a team with more than 120 years of collective experience in commercial real estate, software, and marketing – establishing an online marketplace where accredited investors could both access opportunities across our country and invest with confidence.


Five years ago, investors were pretty limited in their ability to access commercial real estate investment opportunities. Today, CrowdStreet has given tens of thousands of investors the ability to confidently invest in commercial real estate, earning returns that, in some cases, have exceeded 22%. The CrowdStreet marketplace has seen over $525 million invested, and funded over 309 projects, across 270 CRE firms (sponsors) nationwide.

It’s because of our investors and sponsors that we’ve grown to be the largest and most diverse direct-investment marketplace for commercial real estate opportunities. Today, the company is poised to become a global leader. The pulse of disruption beats strongly, as CrowdStreet revolutionizes the commercial real estate industry as we know it, making investing in CRE accessible, transparent and efficient.