Changes to the CrowdStreet Marketplace

Today, you’ll notice that the homepage of our Marketplace looks a little bit different. This is just the first in a wave of changes coming to CrowdStreet.

Today, you will see some minor changes to the Marketplace that are part of a wave of changes coming in the next few months. We wanted to share some of the reasoning behind these changes.

Online real estate investing is transforming one of the largest alternative asset classes, impacting how everyday people gain access to and invest in private real estate and the capital raising opportunities for real estate developers, operators, and sponsors.

When we started CrowdStreet, we had the simple but powerful idea of bringing some of the nation’s most sought-after deals from high-caliber sponsors to individual investors– people who historically did not have access to this investment opportunity, yet were eager to build their own portfolio of commercial real estate.

Well, that idea has taken off.

A new inflection point

Together, we’ve already changed the way so many think about online real estate investing, –now the industry has hit another inflection point. Today, tens of thousands of investors build their real estate portfolios with CrowdStreet. Every day, more people join the CrowdStreet community and embark on their own investing journey. Many of these people are just learning the nuances of commercial real estate investing, and we want to give them all the tools and knowledge they need to become successful real estate investors. We also want to create even more ways to invest in real estate and make CrowdStreet work for more people.

At the same time, a higher tier of sponsors are coming to us, as online capital raising has become a strategic new channel for many sponsors, developers, and operators. Even the most experienced and established firms realize they can no longer ignore this channel or the individual investor. When institutional investors stepped back during the pandemic, the individual investor stepped up.

Evolving CrowdStreet

With these forces converging, our team has been busy behind the scenes, preparing for a wave of changes you will see throughout 2022. At this point, we can’t disclose everything in detail, but as things take shape, we'll continue to communicate these changes with you.

We know change can be challenging, and getting used to new formats, processes, or approaches can be frustrating, but we will always strive to be transparent about why we are doing things. We’ll keep you informed and up-to-date as things evolve. We're committed to our mission–to deliver the best online real estate investing experience and make it easy for individual investors to diversify their portfolios with real estate.

What’s changing today?

Today, you’ll notice that the homepage of our Marketplace looks a little bit different. We’ve added a summary of each investment opportunity right on the deal card to give you more insight into every deal. You can still click on any card to get the full details. Dozens of new projects are in our review pipeline, and we’re excited to bring these opportunities to you this year.

If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to our Investor Relations team at

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