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CrowdStreet & Juniper Square Partner to Usher in the Next Chapter of Digital Transformation for the CRE Industry

The partnership between CrowdStreet and Juniper Square will accelerate the adoption of online capital raising and investor management for CRE sponsors.

by CrowdStreet

We're excited to announce that CrowdStreet and  Juniper Square, the leading provider of investment management solutions for commercial real estate (CRE), have entered into a strategic partnership to provide an industry-first integration that will streamline investment management by synchronizing offering, investor, and distribution information between the CrowdStreet Marketplace and Juniper Square. 

Joint customers will benefit from the ability to manage investor information associated with capital raised through the CrowdStreet Marketplace via a seamless, end-to-end workflow within Juniper Square. New offerings and investor subscriptions will be shared between both systems, and sponsors will be able to originate investor materials such as distributions, notices, and performance data in Juniper Square for publishing in the CrowdStreet Marketplace.

“The integration of our two platforms provides a best-in-class solution for both online fundraising and investor management,” said Tore Steen, CEO of CrowdStreet. “A successful online capital raise with CrowdStreet often brings hundreds of new investors to a sponsor. Sponsors need a simple and effective way to ensure those investors get the best possible post-investment experience, and the Juniper Square team has built an advanced platform to manage investment data, documents, and automated distributions. The relationship between our two companies and platforms means investors will also have a more robust experience as they track their investments and performance.”

CrowdStreet has also selected Juniper Square as its strategic partner to provide its sponsors with investment management software and services. Current CrowdStreet Connect customers will be seamlessly migrated to the Juniper Square platform as CrowdStreet sunsets its current investment management software by late 2022. 

“We’re witnessing a democratization of private real estate ownership with the rapid rise of crowdfunding,” said Alex Robinson, CEO and co-founder of Juniper Square. “Interest in crowdfunding from our 1200+ GPs has rapidly accelerated as real estate crowdfunding becomes mainstream, and we are excited to partner with the industry leader in CrowdStreet to provide a better experience for our mutual customers.”

The partnership has been designed to support the needs of joint customers who already rely on CrowdStreet and Juniper Square today, including Spaulding & Slye, Trion Properties, and JOSS Realty Partners.

“We chose Juniper Square for its leading administrative ease-of-use and reporting offerings, which enabled us to meet heightened investor expectations and increase participation by 20%, exceeding our fundraising goal,” said Samantha Adam, VP of communications, Spaulding & Slye. “During a particularly difficult economic period, CrowdStreet also allowed us to build our reputation and engagement with new investors, and we’re excited to see this partnership deliver even greater investor management efficiency, which will be invaluable for future fundraising goals.”

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