Diversify your portfolio with a
commercial real estate fund


Easy diversification with one investment

Invest in professionally managed, institutional-quality real estate funds.

Commercial real estate funds build a diversified portfolio by investing in multiple properties. With a single investment, you gain access to a professionally managed portfolio that meets your needs.

CrowdStreet gives you access to two types of funds:

Single-sponsor funds are led by one real estate firm and focus on the firm’s specialty which can include a particular region or specific asset classes like multifamily or office. Benefit from the sponsor’s network and expertise as they build the fund with strong deals over time.

CrowdStreet funds are constructed and managed by our own team of real estate professionals Our funds diversify across a broad set of individual properties led by a variety of sponsors. With a CrowdStreet fund, you benefit from our proprietary processes, access to deal flow from hundreds of sponsors, and our unique insights into the commercial real estate market.

Why invest in a real estate fund?

Faster diversification

Spend less time and effort to gain broad diversification. Funds provide exposure to multiple assets, and even multiple sponsors, with a single investment.

Strategic approach

Fund managers don’t have to find all of their deals ahead of time, so committed capital can be used strategically to find great opportunities, an especially powerful tool in turbulent markets.

Lower per-deal investment

Most single-property deals require a $25,000 minimum investment. By investing in a fund, you invest in multiple projects, potentially significantly lowering your average investment per property.

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