Meet the Investments Team

We’re proud to offer some of the best deal flow in the industry, bringing commercial real estate deals from some of the most well-respected sponsors to our Marketplace. As of October 4, 2022 , thousands of investors have invested over 3.7 billion in more than 691 projects. Each one of those sponsors and their deals was reviewed and approved by our Investments team, led by our Chief Investment Officer (CIO) Ian Formigle.

Investment Committee

The CrowdStreet Investment Committee (CSIC) meets daily to review pending deals for final approval. CrowdStreet’s CIO, Director of Investments, Investment Managers, and Real Estate Analysts all participate in the final review of all deals.

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Investment Managers

Our Investment Managers manage the initial sponsor screening and approval process, evaluating and summarizing a deal’s pressure points, financial projections, and the probability of its success or failure.

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Real Estate Analysts

Our Real Estate Analysts work directly with the Investment Managers, assisting in the sponsor screening and deal approval process. They run scenario analyses, compile market data, and draft the Investment Memos that are ultimately presented to the Investment Committee.

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Investment Advisors

As voting members of our Investment Committee for CrowdStreet Funds, our Investment Advisors are industry leaders who work closely our Chief Investment Officer to guide our Investment Thesis, as well as provide deal-level input into CrowdStreet’s investment funds

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