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Create investor transparency and speed up time to close using our offer tracking tools to quickly move an investor from offer submitted to offer closed.

Organize, Track and Respond to All Your Offers Quickly:

  • See All Your Offers In One Place
  • Respond to Stuck Offers
  • Modify Offers Quickly

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Investor Relationship Management

Sponsor Direct’s investor CRM is specifically designed for the CRE world, built to help you store, analyze and manage all your investors, investing entities, offers and investments data.

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Investment Hub:

Provide your investors with a great user experience by giving them a powerful dashboard to view and organize all their investments in one place. Our self service Investment Hub cuts down on Investor Relations service and support calls.

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Transaction Center:

Use a modern, simple to follow process means both your investors and your firm always know where each offer sits in the process and what action items are left to close an offer – speeding up time to close to hours rather than days or weeks.

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Document Management:

Keep all your investment documents – like K1s and PPMs – in one place and allow your investors to access their important documents securely.

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Email Management:

With a built-in email composer, attaching secure documents, personalization and sending emails is straightforward.

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Lead Management:

Powerful tools allow you to prioritize and engage your strongest prospects and increase your offer to investment conversion rates.

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