How to submit an offer using a Self-Directed IRA (SD-IRA)

On the CrowdStreet Marketplace, it is possible to invest using your SD-IRA if a sponsor is willing. CrowdStreet is agnostic to which IRA custodian you invest through. However, before you make your decision, you will want to confirm that the provider you choose offers custody of alternative investments, such as the private equity commercial real estate offerings available on the CrowdStreet Marketplace.

Please note that the signing process is offline for IRA investors because CrowdStreet is not able to configure a template that meets each custodian’s requirements. If you invest through any other entity type, DocuSign will be available. But we ask IRA investors to coordinate the completion of the offering documents with their custodian. 

Once you are ready to start investing using an SD-IRA, the process will proceed as follows.


Submit Offer

Note: If you would like to send the closing documents to your custodian as soon as possible, you can access the closing documents on the Offering Details page in the Documents section. You can then attempt to have the paperwork ready for submission by the specified time and date.

You will start by clicking on the gold ‘Invest Now’ button in the upper right-hand corner of the Offering Details page. This will take you to the Submit Offer page.

Please note that offerings will not be available to submit offers until a specified time noted on the Offering Details Page.

Offer Step:

  1. Timeline of where you are in the process.
  2. Access to the Help Center.
  3. Where you submit your offer. You can see the minimum and maximum investment amounts.
  4. An Overview of Disclosures & Disclaimers. You will need to check the acknowledgment boxes in order to submit your offer.
  5. Submit Offer button.


  • Place your offer amount in the appropriate box (#3).
  • Read through the disclosures and disclaimers and check the acknowledgment boxes (#4).
  • Click the blue ‘Submit Offer’ button (#5).

Once you submit your offer, you will be taken to the Offer Summary page.


Offer Summary Page

  1. This is where you find the status of your offer.
  2. This is where you find next steps.
  3. This is a timeline of your offer that outlines the steps of the offer process. Once you can proceed to the next step, the button below each phase will turn blue.
  4. A current funding status of the offering.


Account Selection

  • Please select an existing IRA account or create a new investing account.
  • Once you select your IRA investing account, the account information will appear below.  Confirm that the account information is correct.
  • Once you have confirmed all the information is correct, click the ‘Submit’ button in the lower right corner.

Not actual information. A representation of a fictional investor's offering.

  • If the account information has any missing or invalid information, click on the edit button of the section you would like to edit (it looks like a little pencil)
  • You will then be brought to a new screen where you can fix the information. Once done, click the ‘Return to Offer’ button
  • Confirm the new information is correct, and then click ‘Submit.’

Not actual information. A representation of a fictional investor's offering.

If you would like to create a new investing account, or update an existing one, please view this article: How to create or update an Investing Account

Signing Documents

Documents will be available for submission at a specific time which is shared at the offering webinar. Until that time, you will not be able to submit signed documents. It is important that you submit your offer, associate an investing account, and ensure you have a valid accreditation letter on file in order to proceed to document signature once available.

Once you are pre-approved to sign documents at the specified time, the ‘Get Started’ button will turn blue. 

As noted above, the signing process is offline for IRA investors because CrowdStreet is not able to configure a template that meets each custodian’s requirements. Once documents are released at the specified time stated during the webinar, either you or your custodian will need to download, physically sign, and upload the offering documents.


Once your SD-IRA custodian provides you with the finalized paperwork, upload the completed documents in the designated area. Then click the ‘Submit’ button.


Please allow 24-48 hours for our Customer Relations team to review documents.

For more information on the Documents stage, please reference this article: Documents & Funding Stages


Funding the Investment

Once your documents are reviewed, you will be presented with funding instructions for remitting funds. You can access them by clicking on the blue ‘Get Started’ button under the Funding stage on the Offer Summary page. At this point, your SD-IRA custodian should remit your funds

When your custodian has sent funds, please click the ‘Confirm Funds Sent’ button to indicate that funds have been sent. This will alert CrowdStreet and the sponsor to watch for the funds.  CrowdStreet does not ‘pull’ funds - the custodian will need to send funds directly. 

No action is required by you once your funds have been sent and you have notified the sponsor. You will be notified when your funds have been received and when the sponsor has finalized the investment by countersigning. Note that sponsors work to confirm funds received as quickly as possible but it can take 2-5 business days for the sponsor to confirm that funds have been received.


Withdrawing Your Offer

You may withdraw your offer within the Transaction Center by clicking on ‘Withdraw Offer’ until you submit a funding method indicating your funds have been sent

To withdraw your offer AFTER you have sent funds, you will need to contact for assistance. However, we cannot guarantee that you can withdraw your offer after funds have been sent to the sponsor.