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Taxes: Where and When to Find K-1?

This article covers where you can you find tax documents and when should you expect them.

How do I navigate the Tax Center?

The Tax Center is located within your Documents tab. 

It allows you to see which of your investments are expecting a tax document for the prior year and when the documents are expected. 

Once the documents are available, you can download each individually or download all as a zip file. 

You can filter the documents by year or by Investing Account. 

How do I know when a sponsor is aiming to have K-1s completed by?

Sponsors will provide a Targeted Tax Doc Date. This is the date by which their tax and accounting team is aiming to have all investor K-1s completed by. 

CrowdStreet asks sponsors to provide their targeted date by January 15th and to notify investors if the targeted date changes. 

The targeted date is located in a few different places within your CrowdStreet account.

1.   Within the Tax Center located in your Documents section. Please refer to the far right column titled “Status”. 

2.   Within your Investor Room. Please refer to the “Targeted Tax Doc Date” field on the left hand side under the current year's Summary area. 


How will I know when a K-1 is ready?

Once a sponsor has uploaded a tax document, you will receive a notification email that contains “New Tax Document Posted” in the subject line. You will then be able to visit your Tax Center and view or download the document. 

The Targeted Date provided by the sponsor is after 4/15. Is that normal? 

It is not uncommon for a partnership to file an extension and not complete its tax reporting, which includes K-1 preparation for the limited partners, by the April 15th deadline. While all sponsors are eager to complete K-1s in a timely fashion, it can be a cumbersome process as they prepare hundreds or even thousands for all investors across all projects or funds. The reporting is more complex than a 1099 preparation. Generally speaking, the IRS deadline for issuance of K-1s on extension is September 15. 

If you have not received your K-1 in time to prepare your return by the April 15th deadline, you may consider consulting your tax advisor to determine if filing an extension is best for you.  CrowdStreet cannot provide tax advice.