How to submit an offer to invest in a deal on the CrowdStreet Marketplace:

  1. Click on the Invest Now button and input your investment commitment amount.
  2. Select your Investing Entity. The options include investing as an individual or jointly with your spouse through an LLC, a trust, or even investing through a self-directed IRA. The information you provide will be used to populate your investment documents, your tax documents, and ultimately, to direct any future distributions from this investment back to the appropriate account. You can update your distribution account information at any time throughout the life of your investment.
  3. Submit your offer.
  4. Complete your investment documents using DocuSign.
  5. Provide verification of your accredited investor status. Upload a copy of a letter from your CPA, financial advisor, or attorney. You can also opt to use Verify Investor, our fully online integrated partner, and CrowdStreet will absorb the service fee.
  6. Send your funds to the sponsor by setting up a wire or an ACH through your bank. Once the sponsor confirms the receipt of your funds, they will countersign your investment documents and the investment will move from your Transaction Center to your portfolio page.