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Gain access to investments previously out of reach.


Breaking down the old barriers of entry to CRE investing, CrowdStreet gives you access to deal flow from Sponsors outside of your immediate network. No longer must you know, shake hands with or even be in the same state as the commercial real estate owner/operator.

Access offerings across the nation.

Gain access to offerings outside of your local market and in a variety of geographic locations across the nation with CrowdStreet’s marketplace.

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Diversify with institutional-quality CRE offerings.

CRE is considered an alternative asset class that provides portfolio diversity because its performance is not highly correlated to the stock market. Private commercial real estate can complement your investment portfolio and may lower the overall volatility of your returns.

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Access to a variety of institutional-quality offerings.

By joining our community of elite commercial real estate investors, you’ll gain access to institutional-quality investments in a variety of property types from multifamily, hospitality, office, retail and more. With over 250 offerings to date with 130 unique sponsors, our marketplace provides you with unprecedented access to offerings that represent 15 different property types, five investment profiles and are located in over 40 states. You can choose to directly select the offerings that meet your needs, let us help you build diversification with our Blended Portfolio, or let us do the work by customizing and managing your portfolio for your with our new Private Managed Accounts option.


Easily manage all of your investments.

Our online tools make it simple to make investments across multiple offerings and manage all of your investments in a single CRE portfolio. Whether you are investing in multiple properties directly, or investing through our Blended Portfolio, you will benefit from all of our easy-to-use online tools.



Online Dashboard

Each investor has a personal dashboard that shows investment positions and diversity across all investments – all in one place.


Self-Service Tools

Investors can run investment reports and securely access past documentation and communication, in a secure portal anytime they need.


Simplified Transaction Process

Investors always know where they are in the transaction process with online tools for subscription agreements and payment processing.

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