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How to increase chances of participating in a high-demand deal

Some offerings are apt to become filled rapidly, sometimes in a minute or less. We've compiled here some of the tips and tricks you can use to optimize your chances of getting into a high-demand deal.

What can I do today to prepare for an upcoming high-demand offering?

There are three things you can do today to prepare:

  1. Set up your Investing Account. Your Investing Account specifies how you intend to hold your investment (e.g. as an individual, jointly with your spouse, through an LLC or trust, etc.) and is a requirement for submitting an offer. Taking a few minutes to set it up now will save you time on the day that the offering opens for investment.
    To set up an Investing Account, refer to this article: How to create or update an Investing Account.
  2. Carefully review the offering documents that you will sign to invest in the deal. All of the offering documents are available on the offering’s detail page so that you can complete your due diligence prior to the deal being open to investments.
    Once the investment period starts and documents are made available, investors who complete their documents soonest will be granted access to the final funding step, while investors who complete their documents later risk being waitlisted once all of the equity available in this offering has been allocated.
    For more information about the offer process, refer to this article: Offer process overview.
  3. Sign up for the offering’s webinar. You will find the link to register for the webinar on the offering’s detail page. Attending the live webinar is not required to invest, but it is highly recommended. Plus, the investment period opens midway through the webinar, so if you are already logged on, you can submit your offer.

What can I do on the day the offering opens for investment?

Be prepared to submit your offer as soon as the Invest Now button becomes available, 30 minutes after the webinar starts. The exact time will always be highlighted on the offering detail page. 

If you are logged onto the live webinar, be sure to open the CrowdStreet site in another browser tab and navigate to the offering detail page,so that you will be ready at the appropriate time. At the moment when the investment period opens, that page will automatically refresh to display the Invest Now button.

What are the next steps after I’ve submitted my offer?

Monitor your email inbox closely for instructions at each subsequent step of the offer process.  To see an outline of the steps required to complete the offer process, refer to this article: Offer process overview.

Note: Once you complete signing documents, it can take 24-48 hours to review and approve your documents, and they will be reviewed in the order in which they were submitted. 

The last step of the offer process is to fund your offer by initiating a transfer to the sponsor. All investments are finalized on a first-to-fund basis.

Where can I learn more about oversubscription and CrowdStreet's offer acceptance policies?

To read more about these topics, refer to this article: Oversubscription overview.

What if I still have more questions outside of what was covered here?

Our Investor Relations team is always here to help. Contact us by emailing help@crowdstreet.com.