Can I invest with my Self-Directed IRA (SD-IRA) account?

The sponsor will determine if they accept investment with a SD-IRA. The process is fairly straightforward, however, it may take up to 10 business days for the custodian to fully process and remit funds. For this reason, usually if there is sufficient time before the closing, sponsors with projects on the CrowdStreet platform can accept investments from a self-directed IRA (SD-IRA) account. If the sponsor has an expedited closing date they may be unable to accept SD-IRA funds. 

Why don’t some sponsors accept SD-IRA funds?

One reason a sponsor might not accept SD-IRA funds is because it requires the sponsor to provide a fair market valuation on the project annually, which could be expensive later in the hold period.

To see if a sponsor will accept SD-IRA funds, check on the right side of the offering details page. There will be a line that says, “SD-IRA Investments?” with either a yes or a no.

Do I need to be an accredited investor to invest with an SD-IRA?

Yes, even if you are investing with an SD-IRA, you will need to be accredited and prove your accreditation status.

See more information on accreditation, including how to prove your accreditation status.