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How Crowdstreet works.

CrowdStreet leverages its nationwide network of 300+ real estate operators to identify relevant investment opportunities. Each offering is carefully curated by a team of investment, legal, and operations professionals before being listed on our Marketplace. Using our platform, investors can easily review, invest, and manage their personal CRE portfolio.
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Opportunities Identified

Our team reviews hundreds of potential deals each year.

In-depth Deal Review

Each deal and sponsor are carefully vetted before presenting to investors.

Investor Diligence

Investors are presented with detailed diligence through our platform.

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Once you’ve decided to invest, simply click “Invest Now” to begin the transaction.

Named Best Site for Expert Real Estate Investors in 2024.

*As reported by Investopedia, on 02/29/24, based on a variety of factors.

What investors are saying.

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“Not only did CrowdStreet allow me to diversify my overall portfolio by adding real estate, I further diversified by adding different types of real estate. Using CrowdStreet has also made me a more confident and knowledgeable real estate investor.” 

Robert J.  
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“Until CrowdStreet, I didn’t have access to these types of deals, this deal flow, and the size. I am not a large corporation. I don’t have the resources of Wall Street. So I wasn’t given the opportunity to invest. CrowdStreet offered me access in a way that just didn’t exist before.”

Jim M.  
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“Crowdstreet's advantage to me is providing an opportunity to diversify my investments into commercial real estate by giving me access to high quality investment opportunities. I would not be aware of these projects without Crowdstreet. Their careful selection and vetting of sponsors and deals has enabled me to invest with confidence.”

John T.  
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“Crowdstreet has provided me with a good opportunity to diversify my investment portfolio. As a small investor, I would never otherwise be able to participate in such commercial 

Stan A.  
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“I’ve had the opportunity to speak directly with the leadership team at CrowdStreet over the years and have always been favorably impressed with their knowledge of the commercial real estate markets. CS puts together timely webinar updates on the CRE market for investors, as well as annual forecasts for the year ahead on every CRE market segment, which I find incredibly helpful.” 

Dan T.  
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“I have been an investor with Crowdstreet since 2020 and over that time have made a few dozen investments via the marketplace…And on the rare occasion I have any kind of issue or concern, the team has gone above and beyond to address it. I would strongly recommend the platform to interested investors.”

*The opinion expressed herein describes an individual experience. It is not a reflection of all real life experiences, is not representative of all of those who have used our products and/or services, and is not indicative of future performance or success.
Your top 5 questions, answered.
What are some of the benefits of investing through the CrowdStreet Marketplace?
With investment minimums as low as $25,000, CrowdStreet provides individual investors with direct access to commercial real estate opportunities previously reserved for large private or institutional investors. Our free platform connects investors with diverse, passive investment options sponsored by some of the nation’s leading CRE firms, spanning across geographic markets, property types, and investment strategies.
The offerings on the CrowdStreet Marketplace are exclusively available to accredited investors, in compliance with SEC regulations governing private placement offerings. See if you qualify as an accredited investor. Additionally, you must be a U.S. Citizen, Resident, or Resident Alien, who primarily resides within one of the 50 states or Washington D.C. 
With more than 750 offerings presented to date, we strive to provide a variety of deal options across property type, objective, risk profile, geographic markets, and investment managers to help ensure each investor is able to find an investment opportunity that best fits their portfolio needs and strategy. Learn more about the types of deals we’re currently looking for in our Investing Thesis and current Market Outlook
We believe in quality over quantity in our selection process. From sponsor background checks and financial vetting to the sales comparables and rent rolls of a property, every investment you see on the CrowdStreet Marketplace undergoes thorough due diligence. We provide our analysis, key assumptions, and risk considerations for each deal, but we also encourage and empower investors to conduct their own due diligence. Investors have access to detailed information about each deal, including property details, financial projections, sponsor background, and much more. Additionally, we host informational webinars and Q&A sessions with sponsors so investors can get to know who they’re investing with.
Most offerings on CrowdStreet are free for investors, with no charge to open an account or complete an investment. 

CrowdStreet charges fees to sponsors. These fees include technology and services fees in connection with the sponsor’s offering, services provided to investors and sponsors throughout the lifecycle of the project, and any commissions for brokerage services provided by CrowdStreet Capital. Sponsors may properly treat these fees as an expense of the issuer or the underlying real estate project. For those investment funds we sponsor and/or manage, CrowdStreet charges the funds fees and expenses as described in the offering materials for each fund.
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