What is an Investing Account on the CrowdStreet platform?

Your Investing Account is a repository for information about your manner of investing; for example, do you plan to invest as an individual, jointly with your spouse, through your trust or self-directed IRA, or on behalf of an LLC or other entity type? Or perhaps even a number of these. Investors can use more than one Investing Account.

You must have at least one Investing Account set up as a requirement to submit an offer to invest in a deal on our platform. It can be set up at any time, but taking time to do so before you are ready to submit an offer can save you precious time if the deal you want to invest in has a risk of oversubscription.

The information contained in your Investing Account is used by the sponsors on our platform to send you your distributions and tax documents at the appropriate times. Therefore, it is extremely important that the information is complete and accurate.

Your Investing Account may have multiple members, which is how our system determines which individual(s) to send the closing documents to for signature(s). All members with a beneficial interest of at least 20% should be included in the Investing Account, and if your Investing Account is governed by an operating agreement that specifies who must sign the documents, those individuals should be marked as signatories.

If you work with an advisor (e.g. financial, investment, or tax advisor) or an attorney, it is possible to designate those individuals as members of your Investing Account as well. Doing so will send an invitation to them to create a CrowdStreet account (if they do not already have one), where they will gain access to view your investment portfolio and download documents.

For a detailed tutorial on how to set up an Investing Account, refer to this article: How to create or update an Investing Account.