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What happens after investing



In this article, we’ll cover the post-investment experience - what you can expect after making an investment through CrowdStreet. 

Investing in commercial real estate can be a multi-year commitment. CrowdStreet is here to help you stay informed of your investment, however long it lasts.

When you invest through CrowdStreet, you can expect to receive: 

  • Consistent quarterly reports from sponsors.
    • This can include updates on the project, financial statements, key data points, etc.
  • A portal where you can see your entire portfolio at a glance, including documents, communication with sponsors, distributions, and capital balances.
  • And, depending on the deal, distributions from your investment.
    • Note: Distributions are not guaranteed.

Portfolio page and Investor Room

Once you’ve invested in a deal, you can view that investment on your Portfolio page. The Portfolio page provides investors insight into all their investments made through CrowdStreet with access to reports and documents.

On the Portfolio page, you’ll find a few different charts and graphs. 

  • The investments table allows you to view aggregate information about your different investments, either by offering name or the account with which you invested.
    • Your active investments will be listed separately from your realized investments (the projects that have realized, or gone full cycle).
  • The capital and distributions graph is a visual representation of your investment data. 
  • The diversification chart helps to inform future investment decisions by presenting your portfolio to help you discern your current level of diversification.

To see more details about a specific investment, you will go to the Investor Room. 

In the Investor Room, you can:

  • Review the offering details.
  • Review your capital balance and distribution history.
  • Contact the sponsor or the CrowdStreet team.

  • See the next tax document date, which tells you when the sponsor plans to upload tax documents to your Investor Room. 

  • Find all documents related to the investment, including closing documents, tax documents, and quarterly reports.

If you want to see an aggregate view of all your documents across investments, click on the Documents tab in the navigation. You can use filters as needed. 

CrowdStreet Support

Need help?

Contact the sponsor directly via your Investor Room if you have questions about your investment, such as questions about distribution payments, deal performance, quarterly reports, or tax documents. 

For questions on investments made in a CrowdStreet Advisors offering, contact funds@crowdstreet.com.

Contact the CrowdStreet Investor Care team at help@crowdstreet.com if you have questions about your CrowdStreet account or need help locating information within your Portfolio or Investor Room. 

Intervening on deals: What CrowdStreet can and can't do

We strive to only work with well-respected sponsors, but it is important to understand that our involvement is limited in the post-investment stage. CrowdStreet offers investors the ability to invest directly into real estate projects, meaning your capital goes directly to the sponsor leading the project. We will do what we can to help investors in the instance that issues do arise, but we may have limited authority to resolve the issue fully. Like all investments, commercial real estate investing has inherent risk, including loss of total investment.

Take note that:

  • Investors are advised to review the agreements made with the sponsor for additional information about your rights.
  • We don’t have decision-making powers regarding the execution of the business plan.
  • We don’t have the power or ability to directly impact or influence the operations and financial performance of a project.

CrowdStreet, Inc. is not a party to the issuer's governing documents (like an operating agreement) that would enable CrowdStreet to take action on behalf of investors. Investors are advised to carefully review the Private Placement Memorandum and governing documents concerning investment in the issuer, including any relevant operating agreements and subscription agreements, to understand their rights, obligations, and remedies. We encourage you to review the governing documents with your legal, financial, and tax advisors.


This has been an overview of the CrowdStreet post-investment experience. If you have any additional questions, explore our Help Center, Resource Center, or reach out to our Investor Relations team at help@crowdstreet.com.