Supporting documents needed per Investing Account

Depending on the type of investing account, you may need to provide certain documents in order for the account to be Approved as a CrowdStreet Investing Account. 

Below are typically the  additional documents you may need to provide based on the type of Investing Account you have. Please note that this may vary based on your situation and structure of the account type.

Investing Account Type

Required Documents

Individual Account


Sole Proprietor

If applicable, Fictitious Business Name (at either the state/city/county level)

Retirement Plan Account 401k



  1. Certificate of Partnership;
  2. Partnership Agreement.
  3. If the General Partner/Manager is another entity, we need those documents.

Joint Account



Copy of Trust or Certification

Multi LLC

  1. Certificate of Organization; 
  2. LLC Agreement.
  3. If the Beneficial Owner(s)/Manager(s) are another entity, we need to review those documents.

Single LLC

  1. Certificate of Organization;
  2. LLC Agreement
  3. If the Manager is another entity, we need to review those documents.


  1. Certificate of Incorporation;
  2. Bylaws;
  3. If applicable, minutes/written consent of Board of Directors and Shareholders (or ledger)

IRA - Known Custodian


IRA - Unknown Custodian