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  2. Making an Offer through CrowdStreet

How to change an offer amount

To increase or decrease your offer amount before submitting documents, go to the Offer Summary page. 

  1. Click the Transaction tab
  2. Click Change Offer
  3. Submit your preferred offer amount


If you want to change your offer amount after you’ve submitted documents, you need to reach out to the Investor Relations team at help@crowdstreet.com.

Note: It might not be possible to increase your offer amount. CrowdStreet has adopted a Global Allocation Policy to ensure that we’re able to deliver on our commitment to democratize access to commercial real estate investing. If you submit an offer in an offering that is oversubscribed, CrowdStreet reserves the right to reduce your offer and will notify you by email. To learn more, refer to this article: Oversubscription overview.