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How to access tax documents on CrowdStreet

If you are an investor in a CrowdStreet Marketplace deal, you generally hold membership interest in a real estate LLC (limited liability company) treated as a partnership for tax purposes.

As such, the taxable activity earned by the partnership is allocated to all of the individual members (partners) based on ownership percentage and is reported to the investors in their tax documents.

What documents will you receive?

  • CrowdStreet investors will most likely receive a K-1 form as their tax document.
  • These tax documents are generated by each sponsor.
  • Each sponsor is required to provide this to you via your Investor Room.

When will my tax documents be available?

Investors find the anticipated tax document date in their Investor Room(s).

  1. Go to your investor room by clicking Portfolio and then View Investor Room.
  2. Locate the Next Tax Document date on the left.
    • Note: Keep in mind this date can vary depending on the investment offering and its sponsor. It is common that K-1’s will be provided by sponsors after March 15, thus will require filing for an extension.

Where do I find my K-1s or other tax documents?

There are two ways to do this.

Via your Investor Room

  1. Log in and click Portfolio at the top left. Determine which investment you are looking for and click View Investor Room
  2. Validate when the sponsor said they would upload documents.
  3. On or after that date, you can expect a K-1 to be uploaded in the Documents section of your Investor Room. You’ll know it is a tax document because it will be labeled as a Tax Document in the Type column.

Via Documents in the navigation

  1. Log in and click Documents in the top left navigation. Here you will find an aggregate of all your documents from all investments. 
  2. Filter for Tax Documents.

Need to make changes to your account information? 

Refer to the article: How to create or update an Investing Account