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How does CrowdStreet earn revenue?

Most offerings on CrowdStreet are free for investors, with no charge to open an account or complete an investment. 

 So how does CrowdStreet make money? We have several sources of revenue:

  • CrowdStreet charges fees to sponsors. These fees include technology and services fees in connection with the sponsor’s offering, services provided to investors and sponsors throughout the lifecycle of the project, and any commissions for brokerage services provided by CrowdStreet Capital. Sponsors may properly treat these fees as an expense of the issuer or the underlying real estate project.
  • For those investment funds we sponsor and/or manage, CrowdStreet charges the funds fees and expenses as described in the offering materials for each fund.
  • Investors who choose to open a privately managed account with CrowdStreet Advisors pay advisory fees in accordance with their advisory agreement.