Escrow Accounts

Funding your investment into an escrow account

Escrow accounts are third-party accounts that are established with a bank to hold assets on behalf of multiple parties until the conditions of a transaction are satisfied. For CrowdStreet investors, these accounts can serve as an important layer of relative protection during the investment process as sponsors must meet specific requirements prior to receiving funded capital. Requirements may vary based on the specific circumstances of each transaction but, in all cases, CrowdStreet will verify that all requirements have been met prior to authorizing the bank to release funds from escrow to fund the investment.

During the investment process, investors receive funding instructions after signing transaction documents. These funding instructions will direct capital to an account at the financial institution CrowdStreet has selected to serve as escrow agent on transactions through the platform. The financial institution is FDIC insured, and funds for each offering are held in separate escrow accounts. CrowdStreet does not take custody of escrowed funds.

If closing conditions are not satisfied, CrowdStreet will instruct the escrow agent to return funds to investors.

If all closing conditions have been met, CrowdStreet will permit the transaction to proceed towards closing, offering documents will be countersigned by the issuer, and funds will be released.