CRE Fundraising Goals

How to Invest in Retail Real Estate

In this article we will start with an overview of the retail asset class, discuss e-commerce and its effects on the space, review demand drivers and provide tips on understanding retail leases.

CrowdStreet CRE Investment Marketplace Hits Record Highs

CrowdStreet reports two consecutive record months in June and July 2016 following a series of successful multi-million dollar capital raises for customers and is now established as a viable alternative funding source for commercial real estate developers and operators.

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Single family commercial real estate investing
How to Build a Diversified Real Estate Portfolio

What are the Differences Between Direct and Indirect (REIT) Real Estate Investments?

A growing number of investors are discovering the advantages of diversifying portfolios through allocations to real estate assets. As we drill down into this burgeoning asset class, it is important for investors to understand the important differences that exist between direct and indirect (REIT) real estate investments, as these differences can have significant impacts on risk, returns and diversification.

Invest like Harvard: How to Profit from Direct Real Estate Investing

For fiscal year 2015 Harvard’s direct real estate investments posted the highest annual return of all portfolio asset classes at 35.5%, trouncing U.S. equity and private equity holdings, which returned 12.4% and 11.8% respectively. In this article we outline Harvard’s direct investment real estate strategy and show how you can access similar direct investment opportunities through existing online investment marketplaces.

How Real Estate Crowdfunding Works

Originally published on CrowdCrux By Salvador Briggman. This is an episode from the CrowdCrux Podcast about how we here at CrowdStreet break down crowdfunding. Note: the interview starts at the 2:00 minute mark.

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