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The Next 18-Hour Cities

18-hour cities are defined as second-tier cities with above-average urban population growth that offer a lower cost of living and lower cost of doing business relative to first-tier or “24-hour” cities. In this article, we will make the case for four emerging 18-hour cities that might become the future darlings of the urbanization movement.
Non-traded REITs
ULI Real Estate Trends 2017

CrowdStreet Editorial: ULI Emerging Trends 2017

ULI’s Emerging Trends is one of the most highly regarded and widely read forecast reports in the real estate industry. In this article, CrowdStreet will provide its thoughts on some of the most pertinent highlights of this year’s publication.

Commercial real estate uptown oakland office

Tech Firms Target Trendy Uptown Oakland

In this article we highlight the many catalysts driving Oakland’s recent emergence, assess Oakland’s investment opportunities particularly across the Office property class, and provide details on how investors can capitalize on this generational urban renaissance.

Four phases of the real estate cycle
Brexit impact U.S. real estat

Negative Interest Rate’s Effects on U.S. Real Estate

One quarter of the world’s GDP is now in a negative interest rate environment and it is sending international investors scurrying for cover in these uncharted waters. In a world where interest rates are entering negative territory and the U.S. is viewed as the world’s most favored major economy, our gravitational pull for global capital flows is becoming intense, with the U.S. real estate market emerging as one of the top safe havens for foreign capital. In this article, we highlight the economic forces which are driving U.S. CRE and describe techniques for investors looking to benefit using $10k investments through real estate crowdfunding platforms.

Cheap Gas Prices and a Strong Dollar Steer Hotel Investors to Smaller Cities

Global macroeconomic factors currently in play are intensifying risk in certain segments of the hotel industry but also shifting opportunity to others. You can still make sound hotel investments in 2016, but strategic investors are reassessing strategies. While myriad factors stand to affect the hotel industry this year, two drew particular attention at the 2016 American Lodging Investment Summit: 1) the current strength of the U.S. Dollar and 2) falling oil prices.

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