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Leveraging Diversification to Enhance Real Estate Risk-Adjusted Returns

In this article we dive into techniques investors can use to diversify based on geography, property type, investment strategy and more in order to deliver a stronger blend of balanced cash flows. We walk readers through a three-property portfolio example which clearly illustrates the principals needed to apply the techniques to their own real estate investment portfolios.

Real estate risk adjusted returns

What are Real Estate Risk-Adjusted Returns?

A risk-adjusted return is a measure that puts returns into context based on the amount of risk involved in an investment. In this article we walk you through a detailed process for estimating relative risk-adjusted returns across various commercial real estate investment opportunities.

What is a preferred return

What is a Preferred Return?

In this article, we explain the different types of prefs and walk you through several examples to distinguish these prefs from other frequently conflated topics such as the “preferred equity” or “pref equity” position in the capital stack.

How to Build a Diversified Real Estate Portfolio
Sources & Uses

Sources & Uses: Following the Real Estate Money Trail

A common resource within real estate pro formas, the Sources & Uses table is intended to serve as a roadmap that shows where project funding comes from (the “Sources of Funds”) and how it is to be spent (the “Uses of Funds”). In this article, we discuss the constituent parts of the table and how they differ from other investment tools.

Equity Multiples and IRR

The Yin and Yang of Equity Multiples and IRR

Equity multiples and internal rate of return (IRR) are two important metrics to measure investment returns that are used in tandem. Each is an important analysis tool on its own. But combined, they provide even more insight on the potential benefits of a real estate investment.

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