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CrowdStreet’s marketplace solutions give you quicker access to capital and better deal terms.
Estimated values based on a typical $5,000,000 equity raise

Avg. Promote After Waterfall Avg. Pref Cost of Capital Control Time To Certainty Time to Market Direct Access to Investors
Institutional Capital Markets 20% 10% 3% Institutional Capital 30–60 days 30–45 days N
Broker-Dealer 30% 8% 6% Sponsor 30–60 days >30 days N
CrowdStreet 30% 8% 3% Sponsor < 30 days 14 days Y
Organic HNW Investors 30% 8% 0% Sponsor 90+ days >30 days Y

“Institutional investors want a say in project details. Smaller checks from a bigger investor pool give us the latitude to run the offering as we see fit.” – 10 Federal

Learn how Sponsors like you are leveraging CrowdStreet to take control of their offerings and grow their businesses.

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Lower Your Cost of Capital and Maintain Control With Our Online Marketplace

Investment firms historically needed a robust network of friends and family, broker/dealers, and/or institutional capital to raise the funds necessary to keep their businesses growing. Oftentimes, this patchwork of funding sources results in high fees, lower returns and a lot of investor hand-holding. Using CrowdStreet’s marketplace solutions allow you to tap into the demand from individual high-net-worth investors looking to invest in commercial real estate and lowers the time to raise capital.


Lower Your Cost of Capital with CrowdStreet

New To Online Fundraising? We’ve Got You Covered.

As traditional methods of fundraising become more challenging—CRE firms are exploring alternative methods of raising capital, including online marketplaces.

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