Sponsor Direct

Sponsor Direct is a sponsor-licensable version of the same investor acquisition and CRM software that powers the CrowdStreet Marketplace. It enables real estate developers, operators, and capital providers to bring CrowdStreet’s full suite of investment promotion and management tools to their existing website - no webmaster required.

Powerful Capabilities

Through its suite of integrated tools, Sponsor Direct enables real estate developers, operators, and capital providers to:

  • Publish investment offerings to an existing website and network of investors
  • Accelerate the fundraising process using the streamlined Transaction Center
  • Improve ongoing investor reporting and communication through secure, branded Investor Sites
  • Create company-wide communication records between investors and staff
  • Enable bulk uploading of essential documents such as investor K-1s
  • And much more

To learn more about how Sponsor Direct can help you transform your back-end investor management processes, please click “Get Started”.

Integrated Tools

Publishing Platform

Using the CrowdStreet Publishing Platform, sponsors can create high-quality offering pages that can then be published to either the sponsor’s existing website, the CrowdStreet Marketplace, or both location simultaneously—ensuring excellent presentation and maximum investor visibility for your investment offering.

Investor Rooms

The Investor Room is each investor’s personal control panel. Investors can securely log-in and view current performance of their investment, review updates from sponsors, access current and previous years K1s, review all messages from sponsors, and much more.

Transaction Center

Collecting offers and closing documents doesn’t have to be a painful and time-consuming process. The CrowdStreet Transaction Center automates much of the investment process; from recording investment offers and sending closing docs, to registering investor verifcations and electronic fund transfers.

Management Portal

The CrowdStreet Management Portal is the sponsor’s unified command center. From here sponsor staff can track and nurture investor prospects, oversee the investment transaction process, bulk upload K-1s and other documets, and directly manage investor communications and requests.

  • CRE
  • Farran
  • Mainstreet Investments
  • TwinRock
  • Olympus Property
  • Denholtz
  • Keystone
  • Bancroft
  • UDP
  • Everwest Real Estate Partners
  • CCI
  • Encore