The CrowdStreet Marketplace is an online investment marketplace specializing in institutional-quality commercial real estate. The Marketplace is a nationwide online fundraising platform open to investment opportunities across the full spectrum of CRE project types including Multifamily, Office, Retail, Hospitality, Medical Office, Storage, Mixed Use, Industrial, Flex R&D, and more.

With over $1 billion in assets under management through our platform, the CrowdStreet Marketplace has the investment power you need to fund your next core, repositioning, or ground-up opportunity.

Direct-to-Investor Marketplace

Unique Platform

The CrowdStreet Marketplace is unique among online marketplaces in that it is the only major direct-to-investor marketplace. Investors invest directly with sponsors on CrowdStreet, never through an intermediary such as a legal entity/special-purpose vehicle (SPV) as on many crowdfunding platforms. This is a key differentiator for both sponsors and investors.


Benefits of Direct Investor Relationship

For Sponsors, the direct investor relationship delivers clear benefits in that each investor now represents a potential repeat investor, instead of just the anonymous one-time infusions of cash delivered by competitor’s SPV marketplaces. CrowdStreet enables sponsors to access successfully-closed investor contact information, but it doesn’t end there. We also provide sophisticated investor CRM systems that enable sponsors to directly communicate with investor/members - enabling sponsors to update investors on the status of their current investment, notify them of new investment opportunities, and convert them to repeat investors. No other solution offers this powerful combination of online fundraising and investor lifecycle management capabilities in a single unified platform.


Benefits of Direct Sponsor Relationship

For investors, the direct sponsor relationship delivers riskreduction benefits that make CrowdStreet Marketplace offerings attractive. One way it does this is by removing the platform-level risk inherent in many of our competitors’ ‘SPV-type’ marketplaces, making offerings on the CrowdStreet Marketplace more appealing to investors and as a result, a better place to list for sponsors.

Sponsor Vetting Process

CrowdStreet subjects every sponsor to a rigorous multi-stage vetting process prior to publishing investment offerings to the Marketplace. Less than 2% of all applications successfully pass through this process to go live on the CrowdStreet Marketplace. To assess whether your specific offering may be a good fit - please review our Posting Policy.

After reviewing the Posting Policy, if you feel your offering is a good candidate for acceptance - please click the Learn More button to apply for admission to the CrowdStreet Marketplace.

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