In our recent livestream event, our CEO Tore Steen discussed how the company is faring in the wake of COVID-19 and introduced Claudia Cameron, VP of Customer Experience, who is spearheading our ongoing efforts to evolve the investor experience.

As Tore mentioned, the company started thinking about how we’d handle a recession two years ago, never expecting a pandemic to be the cause. While deal flow slowed in March and April, our deal flow has rebounded and we’ve launched over 48 deals under COVID. Investors have committed more than $275 million to those deals.

Our Director of Investments, Anna-Marie Allander Lieb, and Chief Investment Officer Ian Formigle took attendees on a deep dive into our first-ever investment thesis, sharing our take on how COVID-19 is impacting the commercial real estate industry, and what investors need to consider going forward.

Among other things, Ian and Anna-Marie highlighted:

  • How the growth of e-commerce is impacting industrial real estate
  • The never-before-seen drop in hotel occupancy rates and what that means for the future of hospitality
  • Why we’re looking at student housing on large campuses as a valuable opportunity

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